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Thank you for directing this request on to us, so we may properly review, record & license your requested work(s).

We will provide specific documentation permitting CCF intellectual properties to be printed and or posted digitally in the formats requested.

Our documentation will grant a license to reproduce CCF works, while maintaining ownership / copyright. We reserve the right to avoid any contractual agreements that seize control / ownership of CCF intellectual properties.

Please note; this information requested below is required only after your manuscript has been formally accepted or for a book chapter/invited manuscript.

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Supplying this info will streamline the process and will expedite the handling of your request.

Please note; external requests without CCF co-authorship may result in a licensing fee / per figure being charged. See attached licensing fee schedule

Licensing Fee Schedule:

CMAP/CCF required fee(s) 5x7 inch 8x10 or Cover
Web/electronic (96 PPI) $ 60.00 $ 180.00
Print (300 PPI, RGB Tiff) $ 100.00 $ 300.00
Print & electronic combo $ 150.00 $ 450.00

Fees may be waived with CCF Staff approval when requested by Non-Profit Organizations and or Non-Medicare /Medicaid programs